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 This Year's Games were  held on the

5th July 2014

A report on the 2014 Highland Games can be found Here

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This is what we usually see at Forres on Games Day

This is what we love to see

However we will settle for this  

Come rain or shine

Just spare us your time

For we will put on a show

That is bound to give a warm glow!


The Games of 2003 were our 75th Hosting of the event.

On the Left Games President Kenny MacDonald and On the Right Chieftan Donnie Williamson!

Two Weel Keent Faces who have supported the Games for many a year!!!

To See An Alternative Outlook On Games Day CLICK HERE

To See Our Past President In Action CLICK HERE

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 Forres Highland Games Ground Records

Throwing the 56lb Weight Over the Bar- 1998  Kenny Simmons   Height-15Ft 1in.

Throwing the 28lb Weight for Distance- 2008  Bruce Robb  Distance-24.40 Metres.

Scots Hammer- 2007  Bruce Aitken  Distance-43.59 Metres.    

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